Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction

The treatment uses the LipoCell Princess and involves a three step process to fight cellulite and localized fat: Vacuum-Dermo-Mobilization, Cellular Micromassage (Ultrasound), Linfodren (Physioelectrical Lymphatic Drainage).

Vacuum-Dermo-Mobilization consists of mobilizing the tissues to be treated by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation by up to 300% and decreasing fatty tissues. Cellulite Micromassage is to heat up the connective tissue to help reduce localized fat and “orange peel” look while firming.

Linfodren technology is used in different therapies, including lymphatic drainage, cutaneous toning, and treatment for wrinkles and stretch marks.  The use of microcurrents ensures a safe and effective result.  The Lymphatic Drainage eliminates the accumulated liquids and toxins while contouring the body.

The LipoCell Princess helps treat cellulite, ease weight loss, facilitate tissue reorganization before and after aesthetic surgery, blast localized fat, and combat flabbiness. Flabbiness is characterized by loose skin that lacks firmness. Localized fat is stubborn and may not respond to working out.

Cellulite looks like lumpy bulges that may have an “orange-peel” look. Cellulite begins to develop when blood circulation is lessened, weakening capillaries and decreasing fluid drainage. It develops in a subcutaneous layer of the skin when fat cells are pushed up and connective tissue is pushed down. Women are more susceptible because women have a higher percentage of body fat and less collagen in the skin. Men, however, can develop cellulite also.

Cellulite typically develops in the thighs and buttocks which are prone to fact accumulation. Stomach cellulite is linked with digestive disorders while upper arm cellulite usually occurs in older women and is believed to be triggered by impaired veins and venous flow. Front of the thigh cellulite, which has harder lumps, is seen commonly in men as well as women and is caused by too much leg exercise that reduces circulation. Prolonged stress is believed to be the culprit of neck and back cellulite.

Some may have a predisposition to cellulite while others simply have more fat cells, weak veins and lymphatic vessels, poor circulation, or hormonal sensitivity.  Estrogen encourages fat cells to develop and grow and progesterone can lead to fluid retention, weak veins, and weight gain. Other factors include: pregnancy, stress, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, harsh massages, enlarged lymph nodes and obesity. Liposuction and pelvic surgery reshape the body, but can damage capillaries and lymph vessels, reducing microcirculation.

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