Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Achieve thicker, fuller, shinier and healthier looking hair with Sunetics Model “E” Clinical Laser system. This treatment is painless (the laser is cool to the touch) and noninvasive without the use of chemicals. Surgeries are painful and inconvenient requiring a recovery period. However, with the use of one of the most powerful Low Level Laser Therapy devices currently available, you can avoid surgery and still reap the benefits of fuller hair. The Sunetics Laser Hair Brush is also available for purchase and may be conveniently used at home.

Hair grows in yearly cycles. It grows, it rests and it falls out. At any given time, a percentage of the hair an individual has will be growing (about 90%), resting (about 10%), and then shedding. Hair loss occurs when a larger percentage sheds rather than grows. Abnormal hair loss has several risk factors and causes. Two to three months after childbirth, for example, a woman may experience hair loss. Male or female-pattern baldness is progressive and tends to run in families. High fever, surgery, ringworm, and even significant amounts of stress can contribute to hair loss. Cancer treatments and some medications may also lead to hair loss. Chemotherapy stops cell division which in turn weakens the hair shaft that eventually breaks off the scalp.

Finally, hair needs protein to grow. A lack of protein in one’s diet will cause the body to shift hair into the resting phase in order to conserve protein. Massive shedding can occur just a few months after the resting phase. One step everyone can take to help prevent hair loss is to have proper amounts of protein in their diets.