Dry Hydrotherapy Massage

Dry Hydrotherapy Massage

Receive all the benefits of a relaxing massage without messy oils, disrobing or touching as you float on our dry hydrotherapy massage bed. Our massage bed combines massotherapy, hydrotherapy and soothing heat.

Massotherapy is a general term for medical or therapeutic treatment by massage. It is considered holistic therapy, reducing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and the lymphatic system, and even increasing endorphins. Massage therapy helps keep the body strong, healthy and more able to recover from illness and injury as it relieves pain and stress.

There are many different types of massage therapies available, each with their own style and purpose. Similar to the hydrotherapy bed, a typical Swedish massage is for relaxation purposes but requires disrobing, which may be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Body oils used during the massage may also get on clothing.

Massaging cold muscles is like trying to knead nearly frozen dough. Before the dough becomes truly pliable, it must be warmed up. Muscles must also warm up in order to relax, which is why heat accompanies the jet streams for a more effective massage experience.

The dry hydrotherapy bed spares you the hassles and like a masseur’s hands, manipulates body tissues to relieve tension and pain promoting relaxation with the added benefit of heat (without the sauna).  The water intensity is customizable and may be focused on the neck, back, thighs, and legs.

Note: This treatment requires patients to arrive without any makeup.